Setting up gmail on windows phone 8

How to Add a Gmail Account to Windows 8.1 Mobile

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You should notice the word Syncing… in the upper right corner. This will stay visible until all of your emails have been synced to your device. With your Gmail set up, the last step is to add your contacts to your Windows 8. While this is done in one step on many other devices, Microsoft separates this out, so without this step you will not have access to your contacts. To begin, tap on the People tile, or swipe toward the top of your device and navigate to the People app.

From here, swipe toward the left from the right side of the screen to see the Charms box appear. In this box, tap on Settings , then on Accounts. While you can add multiple Gmail accounts for mail, you can only add one Google account for contact syncing. Duplicate contacts killing your productivity?

Set up the Send Mail As feature

See how Scrubly can help in this second video. While this is great, many of us have multiple accounts, so how do you add an account if you already have one working? Check out the bonus section below for that process.

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Once you have your first email account set up in Windows 8. To add a second email account to your device, tap on the Mail tile to open the Mail app. With the app open, swipe from the right of the screen to the left to open the Charms box. From here, tap on Settings the bottom-most charm. Tap on Accounts , then on Add an account.

You will be presented with a list of possible account types.

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This is how you move from one account to the next. If you want to add contact syncing for your new account, follow the steps outlined in step 3 above. Scrubly Features Blog About.

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How to Add a Gmail Account to Windows 8. Bob Thordarson. Sorry to hear this didn't work for you. What model Lumia are you using? Is it Windows Phone 7, or WP8? They have slightly different methods for setting up Gmail. I forgot my gmail password and i have used 2-step verification. When I had a Windows Phone, I always had an issue with my gmail account syncing with mail on my mac.

When I would delete an email from my windows phone it would not delete on my mac, and when I would read an email on my windows phone it would still be unread on my mac. Syncing worked fine with my iPhone, so the windows phone got pretty annoying.

How to Add a Gmail Account to Windows Mobile

Did you have any similar problems like this? Hmm, only time I've had that problem is when I've been in battery saver mode, which tends to override email. Otherwise no problems.

I recently migrated all of my personal emails to hosted Gmail accounts, so use it quite extensively. However when WP was first released I did have a few problems with Gmail Is there any way out? I'm sorry, Suhas, I don't see the relevance of this question to the article.

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Set up ::Gmail::

Read our privacy policy. When i click add account it is not working, what is the posible problem? What Windows Phone version are you using? Hi Olivia, what device and OS version are you using? I am trying out your Tasks App for Windows 7.